Our Services

As a leading company in Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Construction and Commissioning (EPICC) sector, EXPLONECT offers premium services using the most advanced technology, professionals and techniques to achieve results that surpass the needs of our clients. Just like our clients scattered across Nigeria and beyond, you can rely on us to deliver the under-listed spectrum of services anytime any day.


As a top structural engineering firm in Nigeria, EXPLONECT’s Engineering Division offers specialized services in Front End Engineering Design (FEED) deliverables that cover both structural and piping projects, using the applicable design specifications, software resources and a competent team at competitive rates. Our partnership with engineering companies around the world has made us a force to reckon with in the area of FEED.

Structural Engineering and Design is done to include a complete calculation note for the structure in its entirety, including each component and detail, for all the phases of project lifespan i.e. fabrication and erection of subassemblies, load out, transport, installation, in-place, fatigue analyses, boat impact, dropped object, vibration, blast and fire, drivability analysis and pile fatigue, etc.), covering as a minimum (but not limited to):

  • The main and secondary structural members fabrication drawings
  • The main and secondary connections fabrication drawings including weld details
  • Lifting pad eyes, guides
  • Structural details such as stiffeners, gussets, penetrations, equipment supports
  • All calculations related to the foundations, load out, transport, installation,

At Explonect Mega Services Limited, we have a proven track record of successful completion of piping projects in record time. With a team of innovative engineers, we give our clients expert advice to ensure that they get the most out of such projects. Computer Aided Design and Drafting tools engaged include AutoCAD (2D / 3D), Caesar II, Inventor, Micro station, PDMS, etc.

Piping and Structural Construction

As experts, we understand the industry’s technology needs, market and challenges. Therefore, in collaboration with our technical partners, we have come up with viable strategies that tackle the most daunting obstacles facing the industry. In precise terms, we offer construction services employing two key strategies.

A. Piping Construction Services

Our Construction Division includes turnkey packages for piping and GRP/GRE piping among others for process, power, plumbing and HVAC units in the oil and gas industry amongst others. Services and Standards offered include: Piping Welding, Fabrication and Installation involving Cut, forming, Weld/ Heat Treatment, NDT, Hydrotest and painting from 40 ≤ Sch - XXS≤ Sch >160 for the following materials:

  • Carbon and Galvanized Steel pipe
  • Duplex Steels pipe
  • GRP/GRE (Glass Fibre-reinforced epoxy/polyester) Piping by Welding, Gluing, Lamination or similar method
  • Stainless Pipe Steel (Welding and Fabrication)
  • Cupro Nickel Steel pipe

B. Structural Construction Services

At Explonect Mega Services Limited, we not only offer Piping Construction Services, we also render Structural Construction Services. As a leading pipeline engineering company in Nigeria, EXPLONECT specialize in:

  • Pipe support system, expansion joints, bellows, etc
  • Riser Installation
  • Fabrication of lifting baskets/ pad eyes as per required tonnage
  • Fabrication of lifting systems during field installation phase
  • Handrails Structural fabrication and Installation
  • Fabrication of beams (header, universal, IPE, UPN and UAP) and installation
  • Fabrication of plates, angle iron/flat bars and tubular structures
  • And many others.

Mechanical Maintenance

At EXPLONECT, we offer precision mechanical services to our clients across a wide spectrum in the oil and gas industry. The blend of the team and experience ensure maximum machine reliability in service delivery.

Workshop services

  • Bearing failure analysis including metallurgical inspection and corrective recommendations
  • Seals failure analysis, dismantling and installation
  • Impeller, blower and extractor fans alignment and replacement
  • Machine Spindle services
  • Approved modifications to new bearings, including clearance changes, pairing, external machining, and adding lubrication hole.

Field services

As a leading name in EPICC industry, EXPLONECT has the technologically advanced equipment operated by our field service engineers who are experienced in handling critical bearing applications safely and efficiently. Our support services include:

  • Bearing installation for critical applications
  • Bearing failure, grease and oil analysis, and assessment of fitness for further service
  • Laser alignment services - Shaft, gearboxes and couplings - Horizontal or vertical - High accuracy over 10 metre range - Geometric and flatness surveys - SKF Vibracon alignment washers
  • Specialist hydraulic services - Bearing mounting and dismounting - Shaft couplings - Ship propeller couplings - Hydraulic bolt tensioning - Mounting Supergrip bolts
  • Full maintenance service contracts and Lubrication systems

Coating Integrity / Corrosion Control

Explonect Mega Services Limited was founded with a view to encouraging innovations which add value to her stakeholders. Driven by her core values, Explonect Mega Services Limited goes over and beyond to provide coating integrity service to our clients, ensuring that professionalism, high quality and safety are not compromised. We offer anti-corrosion control for each operational location and substrate category as per clients recommended painting systems.

Blasting Operation

  • Sandblasting and Grit blasting of any metal structure
  • Industrial Painting
  • Flow station rehabilitation and upgrade
  • Tank & Vessel overhaul and re coating/painting.

Surface Preparations

For our surface preparations, all surfaces to be coated shall be blast-cleaned according to:

  • The grade of cleanliness (ISO 8501 standard),
  • The surface profile Ra (ISO 8503 standard: roughness meter with adapted cut-off or Visio tactile surface profile comparator)

Supply Of Skilled/Professional Manpower

At Explonect Mega Services Limited, we leverage our local and foreign partnerships to supply foreign professionals, local skilled manpower and Logistics personnel according to the demands of our clients.

Our manpower supply unit is committed to sourcing and supplying our clients with experts (both local and foreign) who have the enthusiasms, dedication and knowhow to integrate effortlessly into your team and lead it to a hammock-swinging success.

Regardless of the country of choice, our reach is unequalled and our delivery rate is unparalleled.

Our range of services includes:

  • Local & International Recruitment
  • Contract Staff Sourcing & Management
  • Payroll Administration
  • Manpower Training Management

As regards foreign experts, we liaise with overseas technical partners to ensure that the expats we supply understand the environment, challenges and the technology required to drive the process to success. We employ professionalism in engaging such personnel for our client’s operations as their performance is paramount to our reputation. Our strength lies in the ability to supply clients with professionals who make indelible marks on their organizations and projects.

We cover the following fields:

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)
  • Onshore/Offshore oil and gas
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • And Project Management


EXPLONECT’s procurement department prides on having the wherewithal to deliver high-quality, best-possible orders, meeting the industry specifications and standards. At EXPLONECT, it doesn’t matter how complicated and complex the procurement process is as we preen ourselves on having an experienced team that will deliver your order with mind-blowing simplicity.

Our range of procurement services spans

  • Mechanical Fittings, valve and Piping
  • Thermal Insulation Materials and Sanitary Wares
  • Instrument Controlling / Sensing & Recording Devices
  • Electrical Meters / Electronics measuring instrument & Accessories
  • Power & Signal Cables / Installation Accessories
  • Industrial / domestic chemicals and Steel Plates/Grating
  • Civil and building materials and Safety Wares and Equipment
  • Agro and Allied Chemicals (Herbicides and Pesticides)
  • Allied Industrial and Cathodic Protection Materials.
  • Printing materials, stationeries and office equipment.

As a part of our comprehensive service package, we advise our clients on the stocks reorder levels, optimum quantities to stock, lead/lag reorder times and stock duration amongst others. We have a track record of foreign procurement with our clients.

Our competitive advantage is anchored on the fact that we:

  • Maintain a cordial, sustainable relationship with the vendor community
  • Exhibit honesty, trust and integrity in our dealing, which are the integral parts of our core values
  • Have reliable sources that keep us on speed dial should there be new developments in the industry we should know.

With a pool of local and foreign technical partners to pick from, Explonect Mega Services Limited weighs the best price from many different sources to satisfy our numerous clients.

Project Management

At Explonect Mega Services Limited, project management is at the core of the services we provide. Our project management approach is geared towards reducing project-related risks, assuring high quality and guaranteeing timely completion of the projects within a budget-friendly cost. Our team of project managers ensures we manage and cut every layer of complexity associated with huge projects, leading to timely delivery of projects. Explonect Mega Services Limited considers certain stages of project as the most critical and they are seen top priorities. These stages are listed below:

  • The formation of Local Integrated Project Management Teams (IPMT) brings together engineering, commercial, construction and admin personnel on one platform for the purpose of accomplishing one goal
  • The preparation of overall project cost estimates
  • Project inception – proposals, preparation of scope, review of previous projects
  • Project Execution
  • Ensuring that legal and environmental standards are maintained
  • Preparation of clients reports, including cost ad progress
  • Audit report coordination
  • Dispute resolution (coordination of arbitration issues)
  • Project Close – out, including commissioning and start up assistance.

There are certain qualities that make us a top pick in project management:

  • Error minimization
  • Budget control
  • Prioritized deadlines
  • Complying with relevant regulations
  • Reduced risks
  • High quality
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Fast turnaround leading to timely completion
  • And Budget-friendly costs

Scaffolding & Rigging

EXPLONECT is vast in the execution of scaffolding services: from scaffold material quantity survey to procurement of tubes and accessories, recruiting competent scaffolders to planning and supervision of scaffolding projects, training programmers to scaffold erection/dismantling.

We conduct our services in strict compliance to The British (International) Standard, BS 5975: 2008 edition. The Standard guides us to observe and maintain high-degree safety compliance while working on the scaffold. Consequently, our work-at-height (WAH) projects remain accident-free, making us pacesetter in safety practices.

Offshore equipment design, engineering, fabrication and installation

EXPLONECT provides the design, engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning of a range of offshore equipment, including the following:

  • Exploration/Survey equipment
  • Winches for all purposes such as towing, mooring and anchor handling
  • Deck cranes
  • Umbilical winches for diving and ROV applications
  • Launching and recovery systems.

Turnkey offshore construction and fabrication

In prospect, our work vessel is large enough to execute any challenging offshore operation successfully. This enables us to support our customers in all their turnkey construction and fabrication needs. Explonect Mega Services Limited is a flexible organization that takes opportunities to execute size of project, regardless of the size. Our specialty covers distinct areas such as: structural steel fabrication, piping works and turnkey accommodation outfitting works.

Offshore Construction, Fabrication & Installation

With an operational base in the oil-rich state of Rivers, Nigeria, Explonect Mega Services Limited’s fabrication and construction business deal in offshore and onshore construction, utilities and ports industries for clients within Nigeria and beyond.

EXPLONECT Fabrication and Construction Capabilities

These are the range of services that Explonect Mega Services Limited offers in this area:

  • EPC Contracting and Mobile Offshore Production Units (MOPU)
  • Loading modules and Jackets, topsides, pressure vessels
  • Process plants, modules, systems and skids
  • Heavy structural steel fabrication
  • Operations support and maintenance
  • Installation, hook-up and commissioning
  • Executing onshore and offshore site shutdown/installations

Our EPIC Solutions

The complexities associated with EPIC projects are increasing. As a result, organizations in the industry are compelled to establish more integrated workflow, become more efficient and hone their risk-management dexterity to stay competitive in the face of these increasing threats.

At Explonect Mega Services Limited, we are dynamic and are always watching undesirable changes that occur in project while it is under construction to effectively annul the change.

The rundown of our services is shown below:

  • Design and Consultancy
  • Engineering and Procurement
  • Project Management and Construction
  • Marine Operations Management
  • Corrosion protection ad Commissioning
  • And Freight /Import & Exports.
EXPLONECT has been successful in building relationships with clients who demand proficiency. The reason is simply that we resonate professionalism.

Fabrication, Construction & Installation

EXPLONECT is poised to deliver turnkey subsea project solutions to our clients scattered across Nigeria and beyond. From strategic supply chain partners to the pooling of resources, providing engineering to procurement, installation and construction support for subsea to umbilicals, risers to flowlines; we offer them all.

We have a stellar pedigree in laying pipelines, cables and umbilicals, including concrete coated carbon steel pipelines and bundled applications. In-house engineering resources provide a complete design, analysis and installation support, complemented by a fleet of rigid S-lay, flexible and reel lay construction assets, working seamlessly to give our clients a high-quality, reliable project that surpasses their expectations.

Construction and installation facilities of EXPLONECT allow for the provision a complete range of services for EPIC projects. The operational construction facilities have the mobility to be easily relocated to the project execution location.

Here is a list of services we render under Fabrication, Construction and Installation

  • Offshore Construction and IMR
  • Pipelay and Heavy Lift
  • Construction of pipelines Onshore – Offshore Facilities
  • Electrical installation works, instrumentation installation, commissioning
  • Consultancy Services
  • Engineering Design /Survey Services
  • And Project Management.